Freesia Secret is a leading women’s bodywear retailer in Bangladesh. We offer a full range of products, including bras, underwear, nightwear, swimwear, and beach coordinates hosiery, beauty, and sportswear. At Freesia Secret we seek to provide constant “newness” through our continuous change in fashion and designs, and functionality based on shape and fit at affordable prices. The Freesia Secret r brand is design-led with approximately 95% of products designed in-house by its own design team.

Freesia Secret operates an Omni-channel retail model, supported by a state-of-the-art IT platform. Omni-channel is providing a 360o and 24/7 customer retail experience. Our strategy is focused on delivering a seamless customer shopping experience across multiple integrated online channels. Like our web shop, mobile app, and third-party online platforms, and our physical stores. Our online platform provides services like Click & Collect, Check & Reserve, Order in-Store, and Return to Store.

Freesia Secret history traces back to 2012, Freesia secret is the sister concern of Intensity Limited one of the biggest lingerie manufacturers in Bangladesh. Company export lingerie across Europe, UK and the USA since 2016, this company works with the world’s biggest lingerie Brand. Freesia Secret also the sister concern of Chuti Resort Ltd (5 Star Banquet Resort) on the most prominent name in the hospitality and tourism sector in Bangladesh.

Team freesia included technical experts, quality managers, and designers who have more than 15 years of experience in lingerie manufacturing, quality assurance and design the dream to wear. The creativity and passion of our design team are showcased annually at our Brand Fashion Show. Which they drive and lead on behalf of the whole business. This allows the design team to showcase their vision, concepts, and product.

We Think About Your Comfort, We take care of your choice!


We try to provide our customers with the best of all. We have a lot of love and respect in our hearts for our customers. We try to serve you with something beyond your imagination. In return we ask for nothing but a bit respect. After all we employs are also human beings. We can’t force you to shop from Freesia secret but we can ensure you one thing that we won’t let you down or break your trust.

According to us customer service is what actually matters and then the quality of the product. Which will definitely not give you a chance to complain.

We try to provide you with the best. We take care of your choice and freedom. Customer service is very important in our opinion so we promise to try to be the best shopkeepers and we have a lot of respect for our customers in our hearts. In return we ask for nothing except a bit respect as we employees are also human being.


We have wire bra, non wire bra, cotton bra, lace bra, heavy padded bra, light padded bra and many more types of bra. We try to give our customers the comfort they look for. So we have different types , designs and sizes of bra available for all type of bodies.

We have many types of blouses available too. We also have many types of night suits/night wears. We have all sorts of under garments for women. Starting from all types of bra and panties to different types of body suits and night wear. We promise to not break your trust.