Bra Caring Tips You Need to Know

Bra Caring Tips You Need to Know

Bras require some maintenance if you want them to last you for a long time. However, it’s not that difficult to do that if you know what to do.

For instance, if you own a white cotton bra, you should not put it in the washing machine with your other clothes and later toss it in the dryer. That’ll significantly lower the lifespan and you can avoid that just by adding in a little bit of extra effort.

To help you with the maintenance, we’ll go over some of the best bra caring tips that you can follow easily. 

Top 5 Bra Caring Tips for You

There are hundreds of tips that you can follow to keep your bra clean and as good as new for longer. Let’s check out 5 of the best tips on bra caring that you should use.

1. Hand Wash Your Bras

Bras are made with soft fabrics, and therefore, require special attention. You should never throw them in the washing machine with your clothes. It’ll not only ruin its finish, but it’s very likely to speed up the wear and tear. So, take a little time to hand wash your bras thoroughly.

2. Use Mild Detergent

Try to stick to the mild detergent on your bras when you’re washing them. If you’ve bought a Bangladesh lingerie bra, you already know how soft they are in texture. A harsh detergent will affect the texture and ruin it. 

3. Nothing Beats Air Drying 

Now that you’ve learned how to wash your bras properly, it’s time to learn how to dry them as well. Tossing your bras into the dryer will decrease the longevity of your bras. So, always try to air dry the bras for the best results. You can use your ceiling fans or hang the bra somewhere windy. 

4. Store Your Bras Properly

Storing the bras properly is as important as cleaning them in the right way. You don’t want to mush your bras all together in a drawer. Rather, you should always hang them separately. Remember, you wear undergarments for girl Bangladeshi bra in your sensitive body parts. So, you want them to be as clean as possible to feel fresh and stay healthy. 

5. Wash Them At Least Once a Month

If you wear your bras regularly, try to wash them at least once a month to keep them clean. Anything more than that is not recommended as they will get dirty. Also, try to cycle between your bras and wear them as equally as you can. And follow the tips above to clean and store your bras and you should be good to go.

Wrapping Up

Using these tips will help your bra last for a very long time without any wear or tear. That’ll help you save a lot of money in the long run and the best part about it is that you only need a few minutes to do these.

So, make sure that you follow these tips and take care of your bras. It’ll help preserve them better and that way you won’t have to get a new one anytime sooner.