Bra Style Guide for Complete Beginners

Bra Style Guide for Complete Beginners

Wearing the right bra with the right dress properly will give you the best look possible. And it’s very important that you understand how to achieve this perfection as it’ll only take you a few minutes to learn.

But learning how to measure for a bra is not enough to look your best. You need to learn to style it properly for the best results.

Below, we’ll guide you through a definitive bra style guide that you can follow. It’ll help you plan your outfit smartly and make you look even prettier without any effort. So, without further ado, let’s check it out right now. 

Bra Style Guide for Every Type of Bra

There are many types of bras available on the market. But you need to consider which one to get according to your breast shape & size and which outfit you’ll combine the bra with as well. We have a simple yet in-depth chart that’ll help you learn all about the types of bras and what works with what below.

Type of Bra Shape & Size Suitable Style  Outfit
Padded Bra Any Regular Use Everything
T-shirt Bra Any Regular Use Body-fit Dress
Push-Up Bra Small and Saggy Parties and Bars Plunge Neck Dresses
Underwired Bra Large Regular Use Everything
Strapless Bras Small Social, Casual, Parties Off shoulder Tops
Plunge Bra Small and Medium Casual, Weddings V Neckline Outfits
Sports Bras Any Workout, Yoga, Running Any
Non-Padded Bra Large Regular Use Any

Daily Tips for Wearing Bras with Style

If you follow the chart that we’ve provided, you should know how to wear a bra better than most women. But, it’s important that you wear it properly so that it doesn’t irritate your body while wearing it. To help you with that, let’s go over a few tips that you can follow to look the best in your bra every day. 

✓ Get a bra that fits you perfectly. Use bands or straps if your bra is loose to get a proper fit.

✓ Wash your bras at least once a month to keep them clean and follow proper maintenance tips.

✓ Don’t skip wearing a bra if you have small breasts. Remember, wearing a bra will bring a lot of health benefits as well as help you look your best.

✓ Use a bra size calculator to your advantage when you are shopping for a new bra. It’ll help you find your magic fit and you won’t have to use accessories like straps to get the fit correct.


Hopefully, now you can style your bra properly and get the most out of your outfit. These tips might look simple on the surface but will significantly improve your overall look.

Follow these tips to make yourself appear thinner, slimmer, and sexier all the time. Also, these will help you accentuate the true beauty of the dress you wear. So, you must try them out for yourself and it’ll change the way you look for good forever.